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Common Orlando is internet hosting a Mardi Gras Meals Competition


Mardi Gras officially started on February 16, but Universal Studios in Orlando will keep the celebration going for the next several weeks. Universal usually hosts a carnival event that features live music throughout the park. This year, the event will be all about food due to safety concerns related to COVID-19.

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In a report by PEOPLE, Universal’s chef stated that Universal did not rely on live performances to entertain guests, but instead offered 100 foods and drinks compared to the 20 foods available in previous years. The food on offer during the celebration is inspired by over 13 countries around the world and what those cultures cook up during Carnival.

Dishes include a Cuban sandwich, pernil and mofongo (pork and a plantain-based dish) from Puerto Rico, pineapple trini chow (skewers) from Trinidad and Tobago, a jackfruit dish from the Bahamas, and more. For park visitors looking for more NOLA-inspired dishes, there are also lobster cooks, jambalaya and beignets.

Universal’s International Flavors of Carnaval runs in the park through March 28, and guests can sample 10 different items for $ 55. Annual pass holders can try 15 items for $ 65. The park also helps ensure safety as much as possible by enforcing face covering, social distancing, and temperature controls upon entry. Visit the Universal Orlando website for a full selection of food available during the event.

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