Chiefs GM: Contract negotiations with Orlando Brown won’t start until 2022


Shortly after the Chiefs took over Orlando Brown from the Ravens, we heard it was the team do not plan an immediate renewal. And in an interview with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk Today, Kansas City GM Brett Veach said that the contract negotiations will not start until 2022 (video link).

When Baltimore gave Veach permission to speak to Brown’s warehouse, both sides discussed Brown’s contractual situation. “We had long conversations” Veach said, and part of that conversation was the reality of the uncertain salary cap. Veach, like most people in the NFL world, expects the cap to improve in a short time, but he’s signed Brown for this season at a cheap salary of $ 3.384 million. He admitted the club had other business to do. Currently, KC has around $ 10 million in cap space but has yet to sign its six-person draft class and wants to keep some flexibility throughout the summer and the regular season.

It doesn’t sound like much progress has been made towards a new deal, and Brown and the Chiefs eventually agreed to schedule the talks until next year. At this point, Veach and Brown will not only have a better idea of ​​what the cap will be for 2022, but they will also get a feel for whether the caps likely to come into effect in the following seasons are realistic.

However, Veach said, “We will certainly work to make this work work in the long term.” And maybe the waiting game is in the best interests of the team. Although Brown played well when he was used in left tackle in 2020, he spent the first 2.5 years of his professional career in right tackle and there is questionable whether he has the quickness to take the blind side on an offensive to block consistently that depends a lot more on the pass than the heavy attack of the ravens.

Of course, if contract negotiations prove problematic next year, Veach would have the option to use Franchise Tag. Spotrac currently estimates Brown’s market value at approximately $ 19 million per season. Given that the five LTs at the top of the market currently have AAVs between $ 18M and $ 23M, this seems like a reasonable starting point to negotiate.


Janet Smith