Bruno Zacchini hopes locals will see Pizza Bruno as a real style of Orlando Chunk | Orlando


It’s hard to find an avid eater in town who hasn’t been to Pizza Bruno, and it’s even harder to find someone who has something bad to say about their magical Neapolitan-style cakes. So when the inevitable question “where should we pizza go?” is created and “Pizza Bruno!” the answer is, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“Hopefully we’re one of those places in Orlando that the locals can present to the out-of-towers as a real taste of our city,” says chef and owner Bruno Zacchini. “My whole idea was to be able to say that the Curry Ford neighborhood has world-class pizza made.”

This world-class pizza is a pride of all Orlandoans and makes Pizza Bruno iconic after just a year in the business. And that pride ties in with the strong sense of community that Zacchini and many other chefs and restaurateurs in the city have: “It’s obvious how excited we are about all things Orlando, from football to food to theme parks, and just me I really love how much the city has changed since I moved here in 2002. ”

Zacchini attended cooking school in Valencia before starting Big Bruno’s Bites (a popular food truck) and the highly regarded Third Wave restaurant in New Smyrna Beach, but Orlando was where he wanted to be, and it’s clear that Orlando is felt the same way. Zacchini says, “I mean, I own the place and I’m proud of it, but Orlando as a whole is SUPER PROUD of this place and praises everyone who listens.” If you haven’t tried the cakes at Pizza Bruno, you’d better listen. – FK

Pizza Bruno
3990 Curry Ford Road


Janet Smith