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Bojangles announces 15 locations for the Orlando area



Bojangles is coming back to Orlando!

Bojangles is based in North Carolina and has multiple locations in 14 different states. They serve southern food like fried chicken, cookies, sweet tea, and more.

The chain announced this week a new deal with ‘Chaac Foods Restaurants’, an experienced food company that will allow them to open 40 new Bojangles locations over the next seven years.

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The new locations reportedly include 20 in Georgia, five in Tennessee, and 15 in the Orlando area. There used to be a bojangles in the Orlando area, but it closed.

“We are delighted to be working with the experienced team at Chaac Foods,” said Jose Costa, Bojangles’ chief development officer. “The company’s operational caliber is widely recognized. When a partner with this pedigree invests in Bojangles, it speaks a lot about our brand and our growth plans for the future.”

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Janet Smith