Billie Eilish talks veganism to Orlando Bloom in a new interview


Everyone talks about her old Hollywood-inspired photo shoot in Billie Eilish’s latest cover for UK Vogue. However, what excited us most about the topic was the Grammy-winning star’s discussion of veganism with superstar Orlando Bloom. During the Vogue interview, Eilish spoke about her plant-based lifestyle and has since immersed herself in her story with her vegan diet and work. The actress asked Eilish about her reasons for adopting and promoting a plant-based lifestyle.

“I’m a vegan I’ve been a damned vegan for seven years,” Eilish replied. “I learned something about the dairy industry and the meat industry that I already knew… but once you know about such things, it’s really difficult to go back. And now, even though I have a lot of friends who eat dairy and meat and don’t want to tell anyone what to do, I just can’t go on in my life and know what’s going on in the wildlife and do nothing about it. ”

The singer-songwriter continues to be an advocate of veganism, particularly emphasizing its important relationship with food insecurity and climate change. During the interview, Vogue asked Eilish where she saw herself at 80 and what the world would be like then. She responded with harsh criticism of what the world will be like if people continue to ignore climate change.

“Girl, I won’t live before 80, neither of us is!” Replied Eilish. “Are you kidding me? We have 10 years left … We have to help the environment. I hope the world doesn’t say it’s over for you and then kill us all.”

Billie Eilish’s activism goes beyond her voice. The singer joined Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara to serve vegan meals to homeless youth. Eilish is working with her mother Maggie Baird and her nonprofit Support + Feed to help tackle food insecurity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The mother-daughter duo believe that eating vegan can help solve the food crisis while providing food for those who have run into financial difficulties.

The Vogue interview also included a question from Hailey Beiber asking Eilish where her favorite takeaway was. She replied that Los Angeles-based My Vegan Thai restaurant was high on her list. The young star continues to rock media expectations as he uses their platform to spotlight the topics that interest them. From body positivity to environmental awareness, Eilish refuses to do anything other than stay true to herself and her beliefs.

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