According to a survey, Orlando is one of the top ten worst cities for beer in the US


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  • These people are probably not in Orlando.

Anyone looking for a beer town in central Florida should look outside of Orlando. In fact, the city of Schöne is one of the worst places for beer in the whole country.

This is the conclusion Clever came to in a new poll that sought to find the best and worst beer towns in the United States. The real estate data company ranked Orlando as number seven of the ten worst beer towns and pointed to the lack of variety. [Ed. note: Orlando Weekly strongly disagrees with these findings and suggests you do your own field research.]

When calculating the data, the surveyor took into account the average number of breweries in the subway areas, the average number of beers and types of beer per brewery, and the density of breweries per 100 square miles.

Orlando has only 30 breweries with an average of 11 beers and nine types of beer per brewery. By comparison, the best beer town on their list (San Francisco, CA) has 144 breweries with 19 beers and 11 types of beer per brewery. The national average for beers per brewery was 20, and Orlando lagged far behind that mark.

If you fancy looking on the good side (introduce yourself!) Orlando was ranked 44th of the 50 best beer towns in US statistics!

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Janet Smith