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6 law-themed dishes to try at Universal Orlando


ORLANDO, Florida. – Universal Orlando Resort is preparing to open its newest attraction, Jurassic World: Velocicoaster.

To get fans excited for the opening day on June 10th, Universal Orlando has introduced a number of new food and beverage offerings for guests to try.

“Get on the roller coaster first, maybe do it again, and then come over and try all of these delicious new foods we have for you,” said Executive Chef Robert Martinez Jr., Executive Sous Chef, Research and Development at Universal Orlando Resort during an event on Thursday.

I stepped into both Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure to see some things that take you right back to the Jurassic Period.

Jurassic World Dig in Jar available from Jurassic World: Tribute Store (McReynolds)

Enter the Jurassic World Tribute Store in Universal Studios and enjoy this chocolate lover.


The Dig-In dessert glass is filled with decadent chocolate cake and icing.

As you dig in, look for small candies that are scattered around.

The dig-in jar is $ 12 plus tax. We found this dessert to be perfect for two so grab two spoons and dig in!

Velocicoaster S’more is available from Universal Studios’ Jurassic World Tribute Store (McReynolds)

This perfect dinosaur dessert can be found in the Jurassic World Tribute Store at Universal Studios.

This perfect S’mores treat is topped with blue frosting and has a Jurassic World candy badge on the front.

It melts quickly in the warm summer heat, but it hits the sweet spot. The Velocicoaster S’more is priced at $ 4.50 plus tax.

Jurassic World IPA available at Universal Orlando Resort (McReynolds)

For the adults out there who want to cool off after a dip in Jurassic Park: River Adventure, keep an eye out for Jurassic World Isla Nublar IPA.

This light and refreshing IPA was named after the fictional island from the franchise.

Universal fans were wild when this beer first hit the market. The beer tap shows the scene from Jurassic World when a Mosasaurus eats a great white shark. According to the beer sharing website UNTAPPD, the beer is described with flavors of natural orange, citra, mosaic hops, and yeast. We can only hope this drink will last 45 million years. You can find this beer around Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure.


The smaller size costs $ 11 plus tax. The souvenir glass is $ 14 plus tax.

Blue Churro available at Universal Orlando Resort (McReynolds)

As the name suggests, it’s a churro that is blue and is named after the popular raptor in the Jurassic World franchise, Blue.

After a visit with the prehistoric animal in the Raptor paddock or along Jurassic World: Velocicoaster, grab this delicious snack. The warm churro is topped with blueberry icing and covered with blueberry sugar and pop rock. You can find this churro at food stalls in the Jurassic Park themed area of ​​Islands of Adventure. The blue churro is priced at $ 6.69 plus tax.

Churro Stand Donut available from Universal CityWalk (McReynolds)

The Churro Stand Donut builds on the running joke between Universal fans and theme park managers.

At the time Universal’s Jurassic World: Velocicoaster was being built, Universal’s social team took to social media and said building the roller coaster was nothing more than an oversized churro booth. The pastries are available from Voodoo Donuts in the Universal CityWalk. The donut is a churro yeast bowl filled with dulce de leche that is tossed in cinnamon sugar. It costs $ 3.75 and can be ordered in-store or via cell phone order.


Iceland Nectar Refresher at Islands of Adventure (McReynolds)

For the kids who like a Jurassic-style drink, have a sip of Island Nectar Refresher. The drink is available in the Discovery Center at Burger Digs. The drink is a mixed soda that includes strawberry lemonade, HIC orange, and peach sprite. You can find the drink at the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in the Quick Service location.

It’s the perfect drink for a hot summer day.

Universal’s newest roller coaster, Jurassic World: Velocicoaster will officially open to the public on June 10th.

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