5 Jurassic Park Universal Orlando Articles To See Before Riding Velocicoaster


As the Velocicoaster opens on June 10th, there are other locations in Jurassic Park to explore before you join the hunt. While the new Universal Orlando ride is the most anticipated attraction opening this summer, the reality is that the entire Jurassic Park area has many attractions. Why not start exploring right away?

Jurassic Park is located on the Universal Islands of Adventure and offers a variety of attractions and experiences. Before the Velocicoaster opens, it can be fun to explore the area. After all, some people may not be ready for the giant rides. Others may not be ready for the potentially long wait.

While the new roller coaster around the lake looks eye-catching, Jurassic Park has the feeling that guests have stepped into a jungle-like area. Granted, the entrance from the wizarding world is a little more authentic than the other entrance, but every path leads the guests behind the gates.

Wait, there are more attractions in Jurassic Park than just the Velocicoaster?

Previously, the biggest draw was the Jurassic Park River Adventure. Although some people enjoy this ride to cool off on a hot day, this big drop always ends up being a thrill. During the ride, guests can see some of the most popular creatures. Apart from the big drop, it’s rather calm.

For those who don’t want to get wet, you can wear a poncho. Some people believe that certain rows are less wet than others. In the end, soak up the wetness and get on the boat.

Probably one of the most popular trips is the Pteranodon Flyers. Anyone who has had the opportunity to take advantage of this experience will want to return again and again. Apart from the great view, it’s fun to “fly” in this chair.

The reason the Pteranodon Flyers are so difficult to navigate is because of the driving restrictions. Every driver must accompany someone who is under 36 inches tall. So if you don’t have a kid in your group or you can’t borrow a kid, you can’t ride a horse. It’s one of the few places where being over 56 inches is a disadvantage.

One place anyone can explore is Camp Jurassic. This “prehistoric playground” is open again and offers a variety of interactive areas. From slides to water cannons, there are plenty of places to climb and play.

For a more personalized experience, don’t miss a visit to Blue at the Raptor Encounter. While her handlers help keep Blue calm, guests can snap a picture with this favorite dinosaur. Just be careful sometimes. It can be a little lively.

Finally, the Jurassic Park Discovery Center is a great place to take a break. While part of the area was recently closed, it provided a quiet refuge on a busy day. Now annual ticket holders can enjoy the area as a special restaurant. If you’re a pass holder, ask about the option at the theme park.

With the Velocicoaster almost open here, don’t forget the other Jurassic Park attractions in Universal Orlando. Most of all, make sure you get this churro. For those in the know, the most epic Universal Orlando churro stand is in this area.


Janet Smith