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How to identify and fix common roofing problems

May 20


Winters can bring on extreme weather conditions, including massive snowfalls, frigid temperatures and even blizzards. It is therefore essential to prepare your house and roof to be able to endure the frigid winter climate. It is essential to be aware of the potential issues that may arise with the roof in order to be better prepared.

Finding out if your roof has issues

According to Steadfast Roofing experts, there are a few indicators which indicate that your roof might be negatively affected due to the cold winter weather:


  • You should call a roofing professional in the city of treesdale, Pennsylvania to check your roof and attic for leaks.

  • If you have noticed that your doors have become difficult to open, it may be due to ice damming and the added weight of snow on your roof. It is recommended to contact a professional for snow removal services.

  • The additional weight of ice and snow on the roof could cause cracks in the plaster or the drywall.

  • If you notice sagging on the ridgeline, then it is time to call professional roofing specialist in treesdale pa.

  • It is important to find the issues with your roof so that you can find solutions and make sure your roof is properly prepared for winter.


8 Roof Problems Commonly Homeowners have to deal with during winter.


Condensation happens when warm air inside your house comes into contact with a cold surface. Poor insulation and inadequate ventilation are typically the two principal causes. If this issue isn't dealt with, it can lead to mold or mildew to grow which can compromise the structural integrity and security of your home.


Ice Damming

It is one of the most frequent reasons for roof damage. Ice dams form when snow builds up on the roof and gets trapped around warm surfaces once it begins to melt. The other issues can result from:

  • Once icicles have formed put a weight on the eavestroughs.

  • Hampering the roof and attic vents.

  • The flow of water is efficient and should be made to stop


Leaky Flashings

Flashings are metal pieces typically located around joints, as well as around vents and chimneys. Flashings can help protect against water damage. As snow and ice get accumulated water can seep into the flashings, making them vulnerable to damage. When inspecting flashings, keep these tips in mind:

The damage to chimneys or vents can result from improper flashing.

A ladder is a good option to ensure flashings have been properly attached to your roof in the event that it's safe. Local roofing contractors in my region, should be aware of the issues that arise and solutions.


Limbs of a Tree Limbs

Storms of ice can cause branches to fall on roofs, or cut off power lines. The trimming of the trees around your home prior to winter's arrival is a great way to stop this.


The chances of finding animals like squirrels, rats and mice inside your home is higher during winter. Inspect your home for evidence of pests.

  • Animal homes or burrows In particular, in the attic.

  • Chewed off pieces of wood.

  • Holes in the ceiling or walls.

  • The best way to avoid Wintertime Roof Problems



Roof ventilation regulates the airflow inside your house to ensure that the warm air does not come into contact with the cold roof during winter.



It is also recommended to conduct an inspection thorough of your roof in order to be sure that it's not experiencing any issues during winter.



It is essential that you utilize high-quality building materials and excellent craftsmanship in all builds to avoid any problems. This will help make your roof last longer.



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