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Companies that offer walk-in bathtubs in St Louis MO

Feb 27

We are specialists when it comes to installing walk-in tubs St Louis. Walk-in tubs St Louis MO are difficult to find. We have the knowledge and know-how you require. These walk-in bathtubs come with an electric supply as well as built in pumps to serve various purposes. It's a bit tense to most people when you combine plumbing and electricity together. We are licensed to install special walk-in tubs and have several years of experience. To accommodate the diverse drain orientations and water intakes, these walk-in bathtubs St Louis will require us to move the plumbing around. It is rare to find businesses for walk-in tubs St Louis MO that can do a complete remodel and set up the tub themselves and not have to deal with a long list of subcontractors, which can require a significant amount of time to plan and put in place.

We are looking forward to meeting you to give you an unbeatable quote for installing your walk-in tub. We suggest that you take a look at other options of remodeling your bathroom while we're here. We are sure that we'll do quite a lot of demolition work to set up the walk-in tub. We are very proud of the services we offer our clients, and we are aware of the necessity to keep our family members protected with these walk-in tub installations. We look to working with you and your families in the bathroom renovation project. Please dial the number below to make an appointment!


Meet your licensed bathroom remodeler from St Louis MO

If you were wondering that we were licensed plumbers and not just licensed, we're insured and licensed too! We are able to assist with all plumbing-related issues you face in your home. Are you in need of an St Louis MO plumber? Are you experiencing issues with leaks throughout your house? Are you in a home that is old and requires a new plumbing throughout your house? We can assist! There are many older homes in St. Louis, and it is important to determine the type of plumbing material that exists in your home currently. For example, most older houses have galvanized black pipes that with time, begins to get rusty and decrease the flow of water drastically. This could cause lower pressure water in your home.
If we are asked to provide an estimate on the bathroom remodel St Louis MO job, we first determine what kind of plumbing is in use today in order to get a better understanding of what will need to be replaced throughout the house , if it is necessary. We recommend that all black pipes are replaced with copper or PEX tubing. Copper is an excellent alternative since it doesn't rust like the black pipe does, and the internal diameter of the copper tubing permits for a higher water flow throughout the house! PEX tubing is an innovative material that some cities do not permit to be put in residences, so it is important to consult local municipal authorities regarding these rules! Luckily, we're capable of providing this assistance as well. If you are looking to contact a plumber St Louis MO, feel free to contact us via the number below to give you a no-cost estimate for your project!

Valor Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Address:  2521 S Kingshighway Blvd St. Louis, MO 63110

Phone:  855-833-5078