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The 5 most important reasons to replace the garage door opener

Dec 25

Garage door openers are an easy device that will last for years to come. Its average lifespan is between 10 and 15 years. However it is possible to extend the lifespan of your garage door opener to 20 years observing some maintenance guidelines. You may have to replace your overhead door opener when it's creating issues.

You may face unneeded problems if you do not keep it in good condition. Here are some reasons to upgrade the motor of your garage door opener.

Automatic Reversal

If your garage door does not have a safety feature or the safety feature is no longer functioning, then replacing the opener will be beneficial.

Quieter Operations

Is your garage door noisy? If so, then an overhead door that is controlled by chains often eliminates the noise. You can choose to install either the screw drive or belt drive garage door opener to reduce the sound.

Traditional Openers

Door openers for overhead doors are prone to theft. Modern garage door openers with rolling codes offer greater security. The code can be changed each time you utilize the unit. However, a thief is unable to duplicate the code.

Battery Backup

Power interruptions cause inability to use the garage door opener. Modern openers are equipped with an automatic battery backup system that can kick in automatically when power is cut.

Keypad Entry

Another way to increase security is to utilize keys to access your garage. It is possible to add the keypad on your existing door. It is also possible to operate the door using fingerprint detection which means you won't need to keep track of it.

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